Monthly Archives: July 2006

hResume plugin for WordPress

Alexander Muse and the team at Spur have created the hResume Project and released an hResume plugin for WordPress. They’re looking for feedback, so if you have the opportunity, please check it out.

hResume is a microformat for publishing resumes and CVs. I provide a little care and feeding for the hResume specification when time permits and wrote about my experiements with hResume back in the early part of 2006.

I love the idea of publishing and maintaining my own resume in one central location. hResume is highly searchable and filled with the kind of semantic goodness that only XHTML and microformats can provide. While I am not actively pursuing new employment opportunites, I get a lot of inquires from resourceful recruiters who work for the kind of progressive companies that I would be interested in if I was shopping for a new gig. It sure beats the hell out of the maintenance nightmare of uploading yet another unformatted text version or static Word document to the job boards of yesterday and remembering to go back and update them.

hResume. This is the way it’s supposed to be!