Monthly Archives: August 2006

PayPal Seeks JavaScript Expert

We’re working on some cool things at PayPal right now and we want to round out the Web Development Platform team with a JavaScript expert who can come in and own the behavorial layer. Here is an excerpt from the job posting…

Do you feel like solving problems that have never been solved before? Have you investigated all the JavaScript libraries/frameworks and know what the pros/cons are of each? Were you using XmlHttpRequest before the term AJAX was coined? Do you prefer progressive enhancement over graceful degradation? Do you believe in unobtrusive DOM scripting? If you can answer yes to these questions, we want you on our team today! We need a JavaScript expert to join the Web Development Platform team at PayPal. Come, help define our next generation client-side architecture and develop a scalable JavaScript strategy at one of the most ubiquitous brands on the Web.

For the full job description with requirements, go to PayPal Jobs and enter requistion number 12132BR.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please get in touch! Reference Requisition 12132BR.

Disclaimer: While I am an eBay employee, these opinions are my own.