IE7 Bug: min-width input

I’ve searched and have yet to find any mention of this, so excuse me if this is already public knowledge.

It appears as though IE7 applies the min-width value as width on input elements with type attribute values of button, reset, and submit.


According to the CSS 2.1 specification, min-width can be applied to all elements but non-replaced inline elements, table rows, and row groups. As far as I can tell, the input element is a replaced element so min-width should apply.

4 thoughts on “IE7 Bug: min-width input

  1. Nathan Colgate

    Ganz, where did all of this come from, man? Silence for months, then a barrage of enlightenment! Sounds like your trip lit your fire! Keep it up, and I look forward to more. Take care.

  2. Steve Ganz Post author

    @Dustin, unfortunately your hack doesn’t seem to have the desired effect when it comes to this particular bug, which is unique to input type = submit|button|reset in IE7.

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